Access for All, New Footbridges – Aldershot, Acton & Wokingham

The replacement of three Footbridges with all new over rail footbridges with lifts at Alton, Aldershot and Wokingham stations.

The project was part Department of Transport funded who required a proportion of the spend by a certain date. A standard delivery programme would not achieve the spend, thus creating a very challenging problem and delivery timescale. The selection of our tender as preferred bidder for design and management services was in part based on our proposed programme and methodology for meeting the required spend.

The client wanted the project to be procured on a Design & Build at RIBA C/D (GRIP3 in rail terms). As cost was critical, we proposed to the client that we carried out more work on the design pre tender into stage D and part stage E to assist with cost certainty critical to achieving this programme and to assist speeding up the selected contractors detailed design stage and particularly the fabrication and construction of certain elements. This was carried out at our risk as the client could not instruct. We decided to take the risk on the basis we were effectively being novated to the contractor. The novation also assisted the programme as, on appointment, we could get straight on with the design as there was no review period or getting up to speed.

It was obvious that it would not be possible to complete all works by the spend date but we worked out that if we focused on the high cost items such as the bridge structure and lifts and built a programme around them it could be possible to achieve the spend. These elements could be fabricated/built and signed off to achieve the spend.

We also worked with the contractor to adopt the preferred construction method into the design to assist fabrication and speed up erection.

The spend was achieved and the projects were recently fully completed and have been heralded a complete success by the client and stake holders and put forward as a demonstration of innovative design and team work achieving a high level of quality for a lower cost and to a faster programme than previous similar projects.