Central Line Platform Humps – Survey and Assessment

Metronet Rail BCV Limited
Contract value:
£2.9 million
Structural & Civil Engineering, Cost Consultancy, Project Management, Topographical Surveying, Energy and Sustainability

This project was split into two stages, the first of which was a feasibility report on the provision of level access at 15 stations on Central Line and the second stage was the detailed design on all options at four chosen stations. Frankham undertook both visual and intrusive surveys as well as full topographical surveys.

The results of these surveys allowed us to produce a feasibility report complete with recommendations on what structural alterations were required at each station.

Following on from this report, we were instructed to undertake full structural assessments and detailed design on the four different options identified in the feasibility report.

The project entailed an asset survey of the existing platform, a visual structural survey of existing platform construction and a full structural assessment and detailed design of proposed platform humps.  This involved track, rolling stock and station assets.