River Medway – Jetty Inspection

We were commissioned by a client to carry out a structural inspection on a jetty on the River Medway.


The Jetty is 75m long and 7.5m wide with mooring dolphins upstream and downstream. The deck is formed from in-situ reinforced concrete and bears on steel tubular piles to form an exposed jetty construction.

The inspection was carried out in March 2019 where a condition report with recommended remedial repairs was issued to the client.


The inspection was conducted from a work boat and by foot on the jetty deck.

Ultrasonic thickness gauging techniques and tap testing were used to determine the condition and thickness of the tubular piles.


The River Medway has a tidal range of around 6m. Inspections were targeted during both low and high tides to ensure that as much the tubular piles were inspected within shifts.