Nuplex Resins Facility – 50 Tonne Reactor

Nuplex Resins
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Maritime Engineering

The Structural Engineering designed the support steelwork to enable a 50 tonne reactor to be suspended from the second floor of an existing four storey industrial building. The reactor comprises a seven metre long by four metre diameter stainless steel vessel which had to be supported from six load cell locations.

Initially a review of the existing steel framework and piled foundations was undertaken in order to justify the new loads that were to be applied.

Due to the existing arrangement of the production plant, the vessel had to be lifted into position from roof level.

To achieve this operation, two existing floors had to be removed together with nominated bays of the roof structure.

The installation programme was driven by the production shutdown window so all structural elements were prefabricated and test fitted prior to site installation to ensure no delays would be experience.