Multi Agency Specialist Hubs – Low Carbon Consultancy

Local Government
Kent County Council
Contract value:
£12 million
Design Consultancy, Energy and Sustainability, Low Carbon Consultancy

Frankham have been appointed to provide specialist services in relation to Energy Performance, Thermal Modelling, Renewable Energy Systems, Daylight Modelling
and Building Regulations compliance.

Three new build developments provided a single location housing a combination of NHS, Education and Local Authority Services in three independent locations across the county.

The core task for our team on this project was the creation of the computational model of each of the proposed buildings using IES Virtual Environmental, based on the drawings provided by the Architect.

Once the geometry of each building had been completed, we added the building fabric and building services strategy, including the generation of profiles for each element of the building to represent how the occupants would come and go, and how they would operate the windows, lighting, heating, ventilation and cooling systems.