Lift Consultancy Services

Brighton and Hove City Council
£100,000 per annum
Building Services Engineering, Lift Engineering

Frankham is commissioned to manage a Lift Maintenance Contract for the Housing Sector of BHCC. We are in full control of all lift issues for and on behalf of BHCC.

Full management of maintenance on the Housing Lift Portfolio for passenger and stair lifts. Full design of all lift replacement programmes.

Frankham has completed asset plans on all of the lift stock for housing and corporate buildings for the Brighton and Hove City Council. We are currently designing numerous modernisation programmes on housing blocks using the collated asset management information acquired previously.

We currently carry out the full design and modernisation of lifts for the housing and corporate sectors. We also fully manage the lift maintenance contract for ninety nine passenger lifts and sixty plus stair lifts for the BHCC Housing Section. Our services include surveys, audits, contractor meetings, resident meetings and all day to day reactive issues on the afore mentioned lift portfolio.