Homes for Haringey Year 6 Works

Homes for Haringey
£15.7 million
Building Surveying, Building Services Engineering

Various building surveying and mechanical and electrical service commissions under the Year 6 Major Works Programme.


Building surveying works comprise Decent Homes internal and external refurbishments of various residential dwellings within the London Borough of Haringey. Frankham Consultancy Group has been appointed to undertake the initial survey stage activities identifying works required to meet with the Government’s Decent Homes requirements, reporting to client, administration of contracts and works monitoring, progress reporting including quality and performance matters. Works have been strategically packaged and awarded to three separate constructors under a PPC Form of Contracts.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services include the design, specification and administration of various door entry improvement, rewiring and lift modernisation projects procured under five separate contracts.