Croydon Housing Conversions

London Borough of Croydon
Building Services Engineering, Structural & Civil Engineering, Building Surveying, Cost Consultancy

Frankham was engaged by the London Borough of Croydon to undertake an initial feasibility study for a scheme to convert existing Children’s Homes into residential flats, and then undertake the subsequent designs, tender documentation and delivery of the flats.

Croydon Council identified three properties that had previously been used as Children’s Homes, that were now unused. The vacant properties had been subjected to vandalism resulting in the need for them to be made secure and disconnect all main incoming services.

A detailed feasibility report was produced by Frankham that included revised and co-ordinated Architect’s layouts, the services strategy and associated budget costing. This was subsequently presented to the Council and their team.

Frankham then prepared a full tender package for the scheme, incorporating materials and services from the Council’s Approved Supplier list. There were a number of issues that needed to be overcome in the designs for the properties, such as issues with the mechanical and electrical services and the lack of provision of riser space within the existing building, space needed to be found for pre-payment meters within each of the dwellings, where space was at a premium.

Frankham also made all the initial enquiries with the various statutory undertakers for the new incoming supplies and successfully negotiated fast track delivery in order to maintain the Client’s programme.

The tight programme for the completion of the works resulted in Croydon Council electing to utilise their existing Framework contractors to undertake the works, based upon their Framework rates. This resulted in the various elements of works being let individually to a number of specialist contractors, and the contractor undertaking the largest package of works also given responsibility for running the site, and additional responsibility being placed on Frankham, who was required to closely monitor and assist with the checking and approval of the various rates and sums, and monitor the management of the work on site.

The site works also required additional close inspection and control to ensure that the specialist contractors were working collaboratively to coordinate site works and complete the works on time and within budget.