Craylands, Basildon

Swan Commercial Services
Cost Consultancy, Project Management, Employer’s Agent

The scheme was a large regeneration development of 153 residential dwellings comprising of 149 affordable units and 4 shared ownership units. The accommodation mix consisted of 64 houses and 89 flats of 1–4 bedroom occupancy. The development also incorporates a mixed use local centre, including a new community centre, and a variety of new retail spaces, together with new bus stops, and a new public square. In addition, the project involved the diversion of existing drainage and utility layouts, and also stopping up of public highways.

The project was developed under a design and build procurement route between Swan Housing Association and Swan Commercial Services using a bespoke Building Agreement which was prepared by the solicitors of the contracting parties. Frankham Consultancy Group in the capacity as Employer’s Agent also facilitated the negotiation of the building specifications and preparation of the Employer’s Requirement documents which were appended to the building contract.

Funding was partly provided by the Homes and Communities Agencies. And in order to ensure compliance with the funding requirements, the properties were carefully designed and constructed to achieve the Housing Quality Indicator core standards including, minimum floor areas and layouts, accessibility and lifetime homes standards, building for life requirements, and Code for Sustainable homes level 3 using timber frame construction solution and high thermal insulation.

As part of the project funding requirements, we audited the contractor’s proposed design information against the ten HQI indicators to test reliability of the proposals achieving the funding design requirements. The assessment results were then uploaded on the Homes and Community Agencies’ Investment Management System to trigger the first tranche of funding draw down. We also carried out a further HQI audit at the design stage where any residual non-compliant issue was highlighted for revision prior to incorporation into the construction. Our final HQI audit was conducted at the Practical Completion stage where the completed properties were audited to confirm compliance. The Practical Completion HQI assessment scores were also uploaded on the Homes and Community Agencies’ Investment Management System to trigger the final tranche of funding draw down.

Frankham services post contract included contract administration and monitoring of the on-site construction works through regular site monitoring visits, monthly project team meetings, valuation certifications, pre-handover quality inspections and Practical Completion certification.