Eastbury Primary School

CHS Building & Engineering Services
Contract value:
£7.5 million
Design Consultancy, Building Services Engineering, Structural & Civil Engineering, Energy and Sustainability, Low Carbon Consultancy

Eastbury School was a derelict 4,500m2 secondary school, located in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham which was originally constructed in 1936. We were appointed to refurbish and re-purpose the building to create a low carbon, energy efficient primary school fit for the 21st Century.

Our main focus was towards maximising energy efficiency, with the aim of exceeding current building regulation and planning requirements for Carbon Emissions, as well as achieving a BREEAM rating of excellent.

The starting point to reduce energy consumption was to upgrade the thermal performance of the existing building structure. The external walls and roofs were thermally lined/insulated to standards in excess of that required for new buildings, and all windows were replaced with new units that meet the requirements of the current building regulations.

Because the school was located on a large plot, we were able to install a Ground Source Heat Pump which will provide heating 3 times more efficiently than a conventional gas boiler, extracting heat from the ground via 30 vertical bore holes (each over 100m deep) the system will save 14 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year.

A Solar Photovoltaic array generates electricity for the school saving 0.5kg of CO2 for every kWh of electricity generated as well as exporting any excess electricity to the national grid. The feed in tariffs available at the time meant that financial payback would be achieved within 8 years.

In existing buildings the freedom to improve the building fabric can often be limited. Whilst this balancing act provides the design team with a challenge, it doesn’t prevent a building from being able to achieve high levels of energy efficiency, nor does it mandate the need for complex engineering systems.