48 Chiswell Street, London

Offices & Retail
Lancer Property Asset Management Limited on behalf of Bayshore Estates Limited
Lane & Frankham Area Measurement, Area Referencing

The Pentagon, 48 Chiswell Street is an office block, originally constructed during the 1980’s and occupied by various divisions of Lloyds TSB Banking Group. The building has undergone minor refurbishment programs over the years to keep the accommodation up to standard. A Net Internal Area Survey was required to independently determine the new floor areas for a potential sale of the building. A later request for HM Land Registry compliant Lease Plans to be derived from the Net Internal Area drawings was also completed without the need to revisit site.

Due to the nature of the tenant’s business access to site was limited. As the tenant had previously supplied space planning drawings in PDF format the client the client Lane and Frankham were asked to produce independent measurements utilising this data where possible.

The PDF plans were converted to AutoCAD files and scaled using the original scale bar from the drawings. A complete and independent measurement of the second floor was then undertaken and the results compared to the scaled AutoCAD plan. Corrections and adjustments were made and this floor was then used as a template for the remaining floors, with additions and corrections from
site measurements where required.