Frankham expand BIM and Facilities Management practice with Zurich University

As part of a continuing professional relationship with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Frankham’s BIM Manager Richard White was invited to return for the second year to become a guest lecturer their BIM Module for the Masters degree in Facilities Management.


With a class of 11 international students from all corners of the world in attendance, Richard provided a seminar on the practical approach to BIM and the integral link between FM and client (RIBA Stages 0 and 7) in the production of Employers and Asset Information Requirements and the practical approach to BIM.

Richard used a practical examples of Revit BIM asset models as a reference to discussing typical questions that a FM provider may be exposed to in the BIM process. The seminars and discussions were very well received by the students to allow them to produce presentations around the AIR specification process. The continuation of this professional link with ZHAW the lecturing team is now well established and Richard hopes it will continue in the future to educate next generation of construction professionals.

Working in conjunction with Simon Ashworth and Carsten Zurich_8360webDruhmann of ZHAW Institute for Facility Management for the two days of lectures, the teaching team investigated BIM process management, facilities management briefing and new technologies. The students all enjoyed the lectures and it was another great example of cooperation and team effort between Frankham and ZHAW in helping the students see how BIM is being used in practice to aid them in incorporating practical skills in the real world environment.


If you require BIM advice and feel that Frankham can help you, please do not hesitate to contact Richard White on 01865 322500.

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