Wexham Park Hospital cold water services condition survey

Frankham was recently appointed by Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust to undertake a condition survey of the existing cold water distribution infrastructure at Wexham Park Hospital, produce a schedule of non compliances and issue tender documents for critical remedial works.

Condition survey of cold water services at Wexham Park Hospital

The existing cold water distribution entered the site at two locations. One intake was fitted with a disinfection plant and the other was a standard supply from Thames Water. The distribution linked around the site both laid in the ground direct and via an extensive network of undercroft tunnels and crawl ways.

There were no available existing as installed drawings for the Cold Water services so the Frankham Engineers had to start from scratch by obtaining available site plans and superimposing the undercroft tunnels, crawl ways and plant spaces, etc. The Frankham engineers then undertook the detailed site surveys, including ‘Risk’ inspections of the various cold water cisterns, bulk storage tanks, Theatre storage tanks, etc.

Condition survey of cold water services at Wexham Park Hospital

The survey information and findings were presented in a comprehensive ‘Condition Report’ together with detailed schedules for each cistern and bulk storage tank. These were accompanied by a site plan showing the trenched cold water ring, the undercroft tunnels and crawl ways showing the cold water distribution routes and a site cold water distribtution schematic.






A key was added to the site plans detailing the various building designations to assist locating the services. A key was also added to the site schematic  to identify:

  • LocationCondition survey of cold water services at Wexham Park Hospital
  • Walkway or crawl way
  • Pipe material e.g. copper, etc.
  • Pipe outside diameter
  • Provision of thermal insulation
  • Insulation condition
  • Identified leakage
  • Presence of identification banding.

From the findings of the condition report and in conjunction with the identification key, a set of proposed replacement and remedial works was specified and issued for tender.