Western International – BREEAM Services

Frankham Consultancy Group have designed to BREEAM ‘Excellent’ Standard.

Western International Market Development - BREEAM Services - Achieving 'Excellent' Standard

The materials used for this development were chosen based on their environmental performance and the Green Guide was used. The Green Guide is an accredited environmental rating scheme which identifies the environmental performance of a wide range of materials. The wall and roof panels achieved Green Guide ratings of A and A+ which are the highest ratings possible.

Energy efficiency
Ensuring energy efficiency is a key way to reduce energy consumption and therefore the need to use electricity and fossil fuels. As this development requires a large amount of lighting it was important to ensure the lighting was as efficient as possible. This was achieved through the use of LEDs which save energy. Along with this, PIR sensors were installed to enable the lights to only be used when people were presence and to prevent the lights being switched on when the building is not in use.