Water Management Society

Carolyn SummersLegionella Risk Consultant from FRMS attends the annual meeting for The Water Management Society (WMSoc).

Carolyn was one of three new members accepted onto the committee.

This acceptance is an honour and a privilege for Carolyn to serve on the committee and would like to raise the profile of the society by being involved with the technical, training and membership boards. Hoping to improve standards especially from practical basis and assist communications within the industry.

The Water Management Society is a non-profit membership organisation, providing practical and technical training solutions to individuals/companies within the water industry for over 40 years.

Expertise in Legionella and Water Hygiene training enables WMSoc to give the most up-to-date instruction on how to prevent Legionnaires’ and other waterborne diseases within various water systems.

Members come from a range of disciplines including water suppliers, scientists, engineers, manufacturers, consultants and facilities managers.