Richard Sheehan – 20 Years Service

Congratulations to Richard Sheehan on 20 years service with Frankham Consultancy Group Limited

How do you condense 20 years of working life into an article?

20 years at Frankham, most of that as Personnel / HR Manager.  You all know the ups and downs of the working week in the office environment, challenging.

Add to that, that any one of 140 plus staff can have a piece of me any day, any week, any month and you can see that it’s going to be a varied role with plenty of scope for, well, anything to do with the Human Resource.

It was said that as I work in HR I must like people. Well maybe some but honestly, you are all fascinating. Observing, sometimes minutely, all staff at Frankham trying to work with each other has been an experience I probably wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

There have been plenty of interesting characters come and go over the years.  Trying to deal with staff as individuals takes time, listening skills and patience. The way society now expects instant gratification / immediate response does add a layer of pressure to problem solving and giving advice. Time to think, is an important commodity for HR.

A decent Life / Work balance is important,  Interests and hobbies make a more rounded individual. I have worked with accomplished photographers and carpenters, avid musicians and sports fan-atics, awesome charity cyclists and volunteers, intrepid world travellers and wannabe mountaineers.

Frankhams has changed over the years – that’s a constant – as we all have to adapt and develop. Certain ideals remain though, for example Frankham’s delight in helping individuals grow and fulfill their potential, whether it is a challenging project well done, attaining professional / vocational qualifications or promotion by merit and damn hard work.

The concept of Team Frankham is, in my opinion, vital to our future. The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Clear leadership intent with a shared understanding and cohesive teams based on mutual trust will ensure Frankham continues to thrive!


Richard Sheehan - 20 Years Service