Richard Chitty – 25 Years Long Service

Some twenty five years ago a certain individual’s father asked me to offer his son a job. At the time it was a huge decision to take on a young Building Surveyor. In doing so we increased the company’s staff numbers by 10% to nine people. Wow! That seems unbelievable now.

Richard Chitty 25 Years Long Service

It wasn’t long before the company had to move to new offices in Crook Log to cope with the growth of Frankham. During this period this young man was learning his trade and started to become a very important part of the expansion plans. The company continued to acquire new businesses and grow and eventually in 2007 we moved to our new HQ in Sidcup. By this time he was running our Building Surveyors division and it wasn’t long before in 2010 he was appointed as our young Group Managing Director and also became a shareholder in our group of companies.

There are no glass ceilings here at Frankham. If you have the passion, desire and aspirations there is nothing stopping anyone achieving their goals.

It makes me personally very proud to know that we continue to encourage staff to achieve their ambitions. Richard Chitty who marks twenty five years with Frankham (half his life!) epitomises that spirit and is an example to us all. I can’t thank Richard enough for his support and loyalty to us all.

Richard, Thank You


Steve Frankham MBE