New Minibus for Stevenage Education Support Centre

Stevenage Education Support Centre (SESC) was presented with a brand new minibus by Dennis Wise and Steve Frankham last Friday 3 March 2017. They visited the centre amid great excitement for the students who were delighted with the opportunity to meet a footballing legend.

New Minibus Stevenage Education Support Centre

The Headteacher, Dan Nearney said:
“As a new Headteacher starting at SESC to be told that we have a minibus has transformed our curriculum. The difference that it has already made is life changing, for our students. It has enabled us to go on our first residential trip in 20 years where the children went on a seven day sailing trip around the South coast”.

The Dennis Wise and Frankham Group Charitable Trust have transformed the working of SESC with their gift, as trips and enrichment activities are now possible on a regular basis. Indeed, the centre has already planned several excursions and journeys alongside weekly outdoor adventure sessions.

Dennis Wise said “I was determined to help SESC from our preliminary visit as I could see that they were exactly the sort of young people that the trust aim to help and support. I am delighted to have been able to donate this bus on behalf of the trust.”

Steve Frankham commented that he was thrilled to have been able to transform the curriculum and opportunities for students at SESC.

The mission statement of the trust is:

“To support such general charitable purpose as the trustees in their absolute discretion may determine for those who are socially and economically disadvantaged, in particular but not exclusively to provide financial support for education, to provide transport facilities for persons who have a special need of such facilities because they are elderly, poor, disabled, people with young children or those living in isolated areas where there are no adequate public transport facilities and to provide support to children with disabilities and organisations providing hospice and care services to children.”

Jane Baxter who applied to the trust on behalf of SESC stated that it was like a dream come true as there was no prospect of the centre being able to fund their own bus which was significantly reducing the opportunities available to our students.