London Bridge Station Update

London Bridge Station Update

Frankham Consultancy Group  was appointed by Network Rail to undertake Technical Reviews of the designs and installations of 59xTenants’ fit-outs of retail units at the refurbished, rebuilt and renovated London Bridge Station (officially re-opened on 9 May 2018).

To date, approximately 50% of the brands’ fit-outs have been completed and trading – from very small scale units on behalf of local traders to multi-million pound units for global brands. The brands employed their own Design Teams – the FCG Technical Review Team’s duties ensured brands, conformity with the Landlord’s Design Guide and Specification for their own particular unit.

Reviews are undertaken with the brands’ Design Teams as early as possible – eg during the Concept Design Stage. Relationships are established which lead to successful fit-outs on site where technical queries are dealt with understanding and care – every brand is different with their own interpretation of ‘compliance’.

London Bridge Station Update

The Technical Review Team have supported 28 brands to date to successful completion, opening and trading – beneficial to the tenant and the landlord.

The rebuilding and refurbishment of London Bridge Station has been a £1.5bn project undertaken by Network Rail and Thameslink over the last 10 years and was officially re-opened in May 2018.

Each day 140,000 people use the station – 49million passengers per year.

Throughout the entire rebuild / refurbishment, the station remained operational. The ultimate aim is to accommodate more rail traffic at peak hours and to provide more options for passengers.

In addition to the transport offering, 69 retail units – either new build or refurbished existing shells have been created – thereby offering regular commuters and casual visitors a new experience to this revamped part of London, with nearby retail, health, commercial, leisure and residential developments.


London Bridge Station Update  London Bridge Station Update  London Bridge Station Update