John Gardner – 25 Years Long Service

John Gardner – 25 Years Long Service

In 1993 I played in a local Golf society, during an off the cuff chat I mentioned to one of the guys that I felt my business was at a crossroad and was it the right time to employ a Financial Director, a few weeks later that individual said “I m up for that challenge”, he had a great job which he was prepared to leave and I wasn’t quite sure how the business at that time still small, could afford him but a deal was done and we agreed that we were both up for the challenge.

The business has subsequently grown from an office in Bexleyheath with 15 employees to over 150 staff working from offices in Sidcup, Farringdon, oxford and Stevenage.

John has been a big part of our growth during his 25 years of what is now quite a diverse Group of companies.

Over those years John has kept our company finances in check he has ensured good house keeping and driven in the right processes you need to run a growing business.

Johns loyalty,honesty and hard work has been second to none and more importantly he has become a very respected friend and confidant.

In south London terms “he’s a top Geezer” even though he’s Middlesborough lad. John Gardner - 25 Years Long Service

Thank you John it been a blast.


Steve Frankham MBE