Frankham Risk Management refresh our overall Asbestos Awareness

Frankham Risk Management refresh our overall Asbestos AwarenessFrankham Risk Management Services  refresh our overall Asbestos Awareness.

The training gave an overview of some main asbestos topics, including

– What is asbestos?

– Dangers and asbestos related diseases.

– Where you may find asbestos within buildings.

– CAR 2006-2012 (Control of Asbestos Regulations).

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral. There are six main types, however only three tend to have been used in the U.K. Individual fibres themselves are extremely small and can only be seen through a microscope making asbestos a deadly ‘Hidden killer’.

Our course provided information to all staff on the best ways to deal with asbestos from the duty holder’s point of view and what their responsibilities are under CAR 2012.

Asbestos containing materials can sometimes be easily disturbed and fibres have the to potential to become airborne, which was explained in the course today. Procedures of how to best avoid such disturbance were also highlighted in the course by Adam Hunt.

Highlighted also were the health issues surrounding Asbestos fibres and the harm they can cause to our respiratory system.

If you require any advice on Asbestos, please contact Tim Peters, Principal Consultant – Head of Asbestos (FRM) on 020 8309 777 or