Frankham Risk Management Internship

Oliver Hibberd joined Frankham Risk Management Services (FRMS) as an Intern from King’s College London.

Here Oliver describes his experience with Frankham Risk Management.

Why did you choose to apply for work at this company?
I joined Frankham Risk Management Services (FRMS) as an intern as part of my Master’s Degree in Risk Analysis at Kings College London. The purpose of the internship was to understand how risk management is operational within industry.

I chose FRMS due to the expertise the company possesses across multiple sectors of risk management. This diversity of services indicated that FRMS offered the best opportunity to gain the broadest experience of risk management.

Throughout my internship I spent the majority of my time visiting sites to observe the management of fire safety, water and asbestos. This provided me with an opportunity to and learn how FRMS manages risk across these sectors.

It has been fascinating to see and learn how the theoretical knowledge that I have learnt at university is applied in a practical environment.

What was the recruitment process like?
Before I started the internship I met with FRMS staff to explain the purpose of my internship and what I was hoping to achieve. After discussing my assignment and what subjects I could write about, both myself and Frankham staff co-ordinated a plan regarding which sites I should visit for the duration of my internship.

Frankham staff were very understanding and helpful in assisting me to reach the goals of my internship.

FRMS provided a well-rounded experience, allowing me to learn about all the sectors Frankham Risk Management Services operates within.

What sort of training and development have you received?

How did we add support?  Frankham Risk Management Internship
The staff at Frankham were really supportive and helpful. All of the staff were happy to explain concepts that I struggled with or misunderstood. One particularly memorable example was a discussion I had with Frankham staff about what topic to write about for my report to King’s College London. Frankham staff provided a detailed explanation about the number of asbestos related illnesses and those most at risk from the material. Whilst the conversation was disturbing it provided a perfect subject for my report, a decision that I would not have come to without the staff’s help.

What are your main responsibilities?
My main responsibilities were to join staff during their assessments in order to develop an understanding of how Frankham as a company provides effective risk management solutions for their clients. I was also given a number of challenging assignments – these included writing information pamphlets for Frankham’s clients.

These reports required me to research subjects related to fire safety and present information and policy in a concise but clear manner to clients.

My main responsibility was to compile a report to King’s College London comparing the theoretical risk management I learnt at university and how it was applicable to the more practical methods utilised by Frankham.

Did you meet any challenges?
During my internship I was set the task of writing some fire safety pamphlets for one of Frankham’s clients. Initially I was unfamiliar with the subject and had to do some background reading to be able to write informatively on the subject.

Despite the initial challenge it was really rewarding to research an unfamiliar topic and apply what I had learnt to a task and expand my knowledge.

Frankham Risk Management Internship

What do you like about working at the company?
Throughout this internship I have been to places around London I never thought I would see. I have visited the control room at the Baker Street TFL underground station, stood on the roof of high rise buildings overlooking London, whilst researching how the building should be designed to effectively reduce the risk of smoke, and learnt how communal water tanks are tested for contamination.


It has been a pleasure to watch and learn how Frankham conducts its work and I would like to thank the entire company for being so welcoming to me and answering my endless questions.

How do you see your career progressing in the future?
Working at Frankham Risk Management Services has provided valuable real world experience in risk management beyond the theoretical knowledge gained at university. I believe that this unique practical experience with a renowned company like Frankham will enable my CV to stand out when searching for roles in industries that work in risk.

What advice would you give new graduates hoping to work for the company?
My advice to graduate hoping to work for Frankham would be to ask lots of questions. By simply asking Frankham staff I have learned so much about how risk management is implemented and what legislation requires it. They have been unfailingly helpful at every turn and one should not be afraid to ask.

Continuous Improvement?What were the lessons learnt?
I have learnt so much throughout the duration of my internship with Frankham.

Interestingly, I have discovered that elements of risk management styles discussed in a more theoretical capacity at university could be seen in action at Frankham.

However, I believe the lessons I have learnt whilst shadowing Frankham staff on site to be the most valuable. Shadowing Frankham staff I have learnt how risk management is applied outside of academia and the practical elements to constitute effective risk management. I would never have been aware of what constitutes effective practical risk management had I not taken part in this internship.