Frankham receives glowing reference from Abbey Court School

Well done to Andrew Clarke for receiving a glowing letter of recommendation from Abbey Court School for his work. The School’s Headteacher, Karen Joy, had this to say:

‘You will be aware that we have now worked closely with Andrew for over three years. Our first meeting with him was when he attended an interview at Medway Council offices, at which I was a panellist.

Frankham receives glowing reference from Abbey Court School

Andrew was instantly impressive. His detailed knowledge of special education, his passion for his work and his ability to listen and interpret were key features that led me to vote for him as the chosen Architect for our school. And since this first meeting I have not been disappointed.

Andrew consulted widely with staff here before he set to work to design our school. Staff were impressed with his knowledge of our type of child, his ability to listen carefully to their particular design requirements and his careful attention to detail. Andrew has excellent interpersonal skills and, over the years, I have seen him communicate very effectively with a range of individuals (some lay, some professional) and groups. These skills come into their own when he is presented with challenging meetings and situations. Andrew retains the ability to get his points across in a considered, professional manner, ensuring that both the client, and their purposes, are well met and appropriately served.

Meticulously Preparation

Frankham receives glowing reference from Abbey Court SchoolAndrew is a creative thinker but also a realist and expert problem-solver. Many times I have seen him put “on the spot” during meetings. Because of his in-depth knowledge and his level of understanding of the educational context, he is able to instantly respond with credible and successful solutions to problems posed. He is always meticulously prepared which enables him to foresee issues and bring them to the attention of the appropriate person in advance of any decision-making forum. His advice has proved invaluable to our school on many occasions.

Not only is Andrew highly competent and confident, he is worthy of high levels of trust. Our relationship with Andrew was first as an Architect employed by Medway’s chosen contractor. Latterly, Abbey Court School Governors have employed Andrew directly- something we would not have done had we not held Andrew in the highest regard. He has proved to be excellent value for money and has worked with Governors and myself to secure the best possible provision for our pupils.

To conclude; it is rare to come across someone of Andrew’s ability, someone who is an expert professional and possesses first class interpersonal skills combining these with an absolute passion for quality within education.

I recommend him to you unreservedly.’

Yet again, Frankham service at its best! It is extremely pleasing and rewarding to receive such positive feedback and we continue to strive for excellence.