Frankham complete role of Adviser to the Principal Designer

Frankham complete role of Adviser to the Principal DesignerFrankham Consultancy Group were appointed to undertake the role of Adviser to the Principal Designer on behalf of University College London (UCL), to assist the Principal Designer working in accordance with the Construction Design Management Regulations 2015.

Located on Gordon Street in the heart of UCL’s prestigious central campus, the New Student Centre provides a mix of learning spaces, different types of individual study and group collaboration settings, as well as more social learning environments.

With 1000 new ‘study seats’ created, the project is a focal point for university study and events.

The new student centre provides the following facilities:
• 1,000 new extra study spaces
• Student enquiry services
• IT clusters and roof terrace
• New landscaping and public space
• Space 2 floors down and above ground by 4 floors

The project acts as a flagship for sustainability at the University and a key project aim was to target the highest possible levels of environmental performance. Exceeding
regulatory and planning requirements, an environmental assessment was carried out with a minimum target of BREEAM ‘Excellent’.

During the works the project remained on track to achieve the highest possible ‘Outstanding’ level, a significant achievement matched by only a handful of buildings in the UK.

Frankham complete role of Adviser to the Principal Designer

The sustainable technologies include:
• Approximately 400m2 of photovoltaics or electric solar panels on the roof
• ‘Passive first’ approach to design based on highly efficient building fabric which helps to regulate temperature and minimize energy use
• Projected 35% reduction in building carbon emissions compared to Building Regulations requirements (Part L 2013)
• A ground source heat pump to cool the building in the summer;
• Windows which automatically open to naturally ventilate the building in the spring and autumn
• Efficient sanitary fittings which reduce water consumption by more than 50% compared to equivalent buildings
• Healthy and productive study spaces, optimising daylight, indoor air quality and providing a comfortable internal climate
• Highly durable materials will help to minimise resource use associated with maintenance and repairs
• Biodiversity enhancements include planting in the Japanese Garden and a green roof which will also have a positive influence on the microclimate

During our role we assisted in matters related to the planning, managing, monitoring and coordination of health and safety during the pre-construction phase of the project.

Our involvement continued throughout the construction phase and handover process, such as compiling a ‘residual risk register’ for inclusion within the health and safety file,

reviewing and providing comment on documentation such as, operation and maintenance information for future users of the building.

We were able to influence how the risks to health and safety were managed and incorporated into the wider management arrangements of the project.

As Adviser to the Principal Designer we developed close working relationships with both Client and Principal Contractor, all of which contributed to the circulation of design information

amongst the project team.

Frankham complete role of Adviser to the Principal Designer