Donation of mobile phones to the Rainbow Centre

Frankham have been donating old and unwanted mobile phones for some time, and these are forwarded to the homeless via the Rainbow Centre in Folkstone.

They are given to the vulnerable who use them to keep in touch with housing officials, doctors, dentists etc. Last year the Rainbow Centre were more than grateful to receive our generous donation! In charge of this venture is Alison Chambers, who after returning from a Foreign Office posting overseas managed the 2016/17 winter shelter for the Centre before becoming its development manager, and who has now been appointed, Chief Executive.

Donation of mobile phones to the Rainbow CentreIf any of the phones are not used they will be donated to the poor in Romania. There, they can get cheap SIM cards but can’t afford phones.

Please, if you have any unwanted mobile phones that you no longer use bring them to Phil Peters who will be collecting them on behalf of Frankham Consultancy Group.