Disabled adaptation projects

Frankhams  were commissioned back in January 2017 to undertake a programme of 15 Grant funded Disabled adaptation projects to Private properties for the London Borough of Southwark .

The works consisted of conversions to bathrooms, kitchens and provision of stair-lifts, along with external ramps.

Commissioned to work alongside their OT service and provide additional support to their in-house resource, we helped to start clearing the extended backlog of properties, therefore improving the way residents live on a day to day basis with their disabilities.

With the initial phase needing to be completed by March 2018, to retain the Grant funding. We worked alongside experienced contractors who had tendered against a schedule of works, and were able to engage quickly and start on site with minimum lead-in times.  With specialist asbestos removal works programmed in advance.

The initial phase proved so successful, we were commissioned to complete works to a further 35 properties.  We are now rolling out a further 60 properties.

Our input helped to reduce the backlog of Residents and properties requiring these life-changing works and will be retained to deliver a further programme starting in 2019/2020.