Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with Timberwise

Frankham welcomed Jason Wakefield, Business Development Manager of Timerwise to deliver a seminar on ‘Woodworm Infestation & Fungal Decay’. The presentation concentrated on Woodworm species and Dry and Wet Rot identification and treatments.

Timberwise operate with 28 locations throughout England and Wales and have been caring for properties for over four decades. They provide property care services for commercial building preservation from basement waterproofing and dry rot / wet rot to damp, rising damp, commercial damp proofing and woodworm.

This seminar was part of Frankham’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme and was well attended by the Building Surveyors, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors at our Sidcup HQ.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Timberwise