Continuing Professional Development (CPD) at Frankham

Today we had the pleasure of meeting Andy Law from SMR Projects; the UK distributor of XYPEX ‘Waterproofing by Crystallization’ products for a CPD on the Admix Series.

The seminar was part of Frankham’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme and was keenly attended by civil and structural engineers, building surveyors, technicians and quantity surveyors.

XYPEX was developed in Vancouver in 1969 and is a treatment added to concrete before the pour. The product reacts with water to form crystals in the pores of the concrete, creating a waterproof material that also has the ability to self-heal cracks up to 0.4mm. The product is used successfully on a global scale in harsh environments and climates.

We would like to thank Lindsey Dobbin for organising this CPD.