Dennis Wise & Frankham Group Charitable Trust

Dear Friends,

For some thirty years I have been involved in various kinds of fundraising for those less fortunate than ourselves. As many of you are aware in 2014 along with Dennis, Pat and Becky we formed the Dennis Wise & Frankham Group Charitable Trust. During this period we have achieved many goals and raised in excess of 1.3 million pounds.

Like all good things they come to an end and I have decided to stand down as a Trustee. Much of what we have achieved was only possible because of the support from you guys. Someone once said to me “people are so generous” and believe me that’s so true, you have all been fantastic and I can’t thank you enough. It’s been an incredible and unbelievable journey and I have met so many good and dedicated caring people.

I also want to thank Pat Saville for all her hard work and dedication to the success of the charity, she’s been a Star along with John Gardner and so many of my other loyal staff. Finally, I need to thank my family especially my son Anthony who has played such an important part in my life and the charity.

The good news is the charity will continue its great work and I would like to take this opportunity of wishing Dennis, Des and Jerry every success in the future.

Once again a mega thank you to everyone who has helped us to make a difference.

Thank You.

Steve Frankham MBE