by Amir Nseir – Graduate Civil Engineer

Earlier this year, I had the chance of attending Oceanology International for the first time.

My first stop was the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST). Here, I learned about career paths and met some great people with similar interests in maritime engineering. It was a fantastic opportunity to build valuable connections and to boost my confidence in my own expertise.

Unveiling Innovation

Throughout the event, booths like Arctic Rays and Argeo Rs showcased cutting-edge tools and technologies for underwater exploration. While the conversations were undoubtedly technical, I embraced the chance to learn and engage with these exhibitors. It was inspiring to see how their innovations are pushing the boundaries of exploration.

Feeling a little out of my depth, I steered towards familiar currents (puns intended!) – CMS GeoScience. Here, the talk shifted to marine sampling and erosion monitoring, topics that I could navigate with ease thanks to my academic and hands-on experience. We swapped stories, exchanged knowledge, and I even discovered some cool new tech along the way.

For me, the real eye-openers were the smaller companies like Autonomous Crafts and Orphie i25. They might not have been the biggest names, but their underwater inventions were incredible! Even though their stuff was specialised, their creativity and adaptability were impressive.

By the end of Oceanology International, I felt like I’d achieved so much. Meeting new people was great, and I know it’s going to lead to some interesting projects that will help our maritime division to continue to grow.


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